EirinthHome1To visitors: “May Tenrai Daystar shine down on you with blessings beyond sublime dreams!” Eirinth Blessing by Tonja Klein(c)2012.


ALL songs used in the book are now under Tonja Klein as the artist. The Radio version of “MY CAPTAIN” is now available for sale at link below! NEW SONG not used in this book has a link on the left of the page below for “DANCIN ON THE WIND” Radio version too… ENJOY!



Below is the online version of proposed book cover with previous copyright text for the first novel in the “Rebirth of Eirinth” Series. Fantasy Novel BREAKING THE SHACKLES is by this project creator Tonja Klein. All artwork commissioned by Tonja Klein and created visually by freelance graphic artist “t0shirt” – noted as “t-shirt” on designs for all promotional merchandise available on Cafe Press. ALL artwork owned and edited by Tonja Klein(c)2009-2014. THANKS FROM TK TO T-SHIRT! ^___~



*** BREAKING THE SHACKLES book promotional merchandise prices were set by Cafe Press, so Tonja Klein only gets $2 per sale. Check to see if each item has a full image because some are coming up as only partial and don’t seem to be allowed for purchase when clicked. This means TK didn’t choose that item for the shop. Your support IS really appreciated – just make sure of the item images so you only get good product! Eirinth shop: http://www.cafepress.com/eirinthshirtsetc

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