NEW 08/14/17 Cover Pic ABOVE is the EPIC FANTASY NOVEL with 124,395 WORDS and 289 PAGES. This is a Story set in the Alternate-Dimension World of Eirinth and NOT a graphic novel. It has original stance picture of a Main or Support Character to begin each of the WRITTEN sections. Pics are in Color for the E-Book and Gray-Scale for the Paperback. Click Book_1_Sample  to read Prologue through Chapter 5 FOR FREE! Visit the Characters, Map, History, Music, and Blog_TCK pages for more information on this Epic Fantasy Series. CLICK COVER PIC FOR AMAZON TO GET EITHER FORMAT UNDER TONJA CONDRAY KLEIN!


Back Cover for Paperback created by Tonja Condray Klein and printed by Create Space. Available at www.amazon.com as 288-Page Novel at the link on the Front Cover Pic above! Click Back Cover to the left to see the larger version to READ Book Novel Description and the NEW Revised About the Author section. This is the first Novel of a series that has 7 novels planned at this time. Check back for more! “May Tenrai Daystar shine down on you with blessings beyond sublime dreams!” Eirinthian Blessing by Tonja Condray Klein(c)2009-17.

Tonja Condray Klein at #4 table at the Dayton Book Expo on Sat. 04/29/17. Along with having the table, she had an Interview with Pastor Doris Stokes Knight for “Another Way To Praise” Television online LIVE event! Tonja is on the left wearing the blue tunic and multi-colored scarf pictured above. It was an amazing experience and her first in-person interview at this LINK. Special Thanks to sweet Pastor Doris and lovely writer Daria Dillard Stone. What an amazing time of joy in sharing the same calling to tell our stories!


ALL songs partially used in BREAKING THE SHACKLES are under Tonja Klein as the artist AND protected by BMI. The songs in the book are “My Captain”, “Find Yourself”, and the love song “Perfect Dream”.  Her Cajun Gospel song “Dancin On The Wind” is not used in the book, but it has been played on the local Dayton station that also plays online around the world. It was #7 on the “Sounds of the Valley with Ron Short” radio program Fan Favorites 2015. You can listen to the songs for FREE at the single links on her artist page or at Spotify if you have an account (FREE account available) – search for TONJA KLEIN. You can digitally download a song for 99¢ each at CD Baby! There are 2 more songs to professionally record for Mini-CD to be released. ABOVE PIC is link to “Perfect Dream”. Click other songs there or Tonja Klein for complete artist page. ENJOY & PLEASE GIVE FEEDBACK ^___^

As of 01/26/17, the eirinth.com “blog_tck” is now syndicated so you can join to get the latest updates as soon as they are posted for Eirinth and Author Tonja Condray Klein! Click FEED  to subscribe to it. Read posts up to date by clicking the Pic Link to the left or this link: http://www.eirinth.com/blog_tck/. This Blog is for the Author to share things about the series, Book 1, music that has lyrics used in Book 1, answers for questions readers propose to her online or in person, and anything else!

As of January 2017, my Novel BREAKING THE SHACKLES is searchable at ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) Fiction Finder site! Input the Book Title or Tonja Condray Klein in their search at: http://www.fictionfinder.com/. My Novel is listed now in my Author’s section! Although my life has been this ongoing battle of physical illness against learning and trying to write using eclectic imagination to transcend reality, I pray my stories can also give truth that help readers deal with challenging life in positive ways. This is a milestone for me as a dreamer and writer. The main ACFW Authors section with pic and info is at:  http://www.fictionfinder.com/author/detail/1364  or click on Authors, then K, and go to page 3. THANK YOU, ACFW!

1st TCK BOOK SIGNING was at Northridge High School in Dayton, Ohio before & after FHMCC Noon service on 11/13/16. Asked to do a 2nd Signing there and looking forward to it!  ^__^  SPECIAL THANKS TO PASTOR BRIAN SMITH, FHMCC, & ALL THOSE WHO BOUGHT MY SIGNED FANTASY NOVEL THERE!

tkbluepaisleyshirtpic20013My First Author Interview as  Writer Tonja Condray Klein  for BREAKING THE SHACKLES with ACFW Author Kathy Cassel at her online Blog  on 09/19/16!  It was an awesome experience as a new Writer, and I look forward to doing more as the opportunity is given. Although this Novel has Christian-based Faith, this book is NOT “religious”. I’m honest with my reasons for writing it and my Faith related within it, but even if you don’t agree with that, the story is full of friendship, fighting , and romance. Click Pic Link to left for my first Author Q&A!

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