01/26/17 = NEW TCK BLOG!

Hey Readers, Writers, Publishers, Producers, and Fantasy Fans!

This is my NEW Writer’s Blog as of 01/25/17! Check out my Novel BREAKING THE SHACKLES that is Book 1 of my Epic Fantasy series “Rebirth of Eirinth” and now available at amazon.com as an E-Book or Paperback. This Novel has 289 pages with 124,395 words in the Prologue, 17 Chapters, Epilogue, Definition section, and Author Bio. The Cover has the 10 main Fighters for readers to get a true visual representation to “see” as they read.

The two Bengosha are teenage sisters in the middle of the two character lines and have God-given gifts of Light and Sound as shields and weapons. The two sets of 4 Kouken are in line with the Bengosha they are linked with to fight beside. Each Kouken wields a God-given symbiotic link to one of four elements of Fire, Wind, Wave, or Geo that show up as a visual animal the Kouken directs to fight against the evil demons that are trying to destroy this medieval world of Eirinth. Eirinth is a parallel dimension to Earth.

You can read the Prologue through Chapter 2 for FREE at the Book_1_Sample and listen to the three songs that have lyrics used in the Novel for FREE at link on the main page too. This is NOT a comic book or a Graphic novel, but it does have a picture of one character at the beginning of each section. They are in gray-scale for the Paperback but Color in the E-Book. You can go to the character sections at the website to SEE MANY MORE in Color! The Joukai page has pictures of the spiritual beings from that Heaven realm that help the mortals. The Naraku page is for the demons from that evil realm you meet in the battles of this book that Seimitsu, Shiri, and the Kouken fight.

CHECK OUT THIS MULTI-MEDIA, MULTI-DIMENSIONAL BOOK! Tonja Condray Klein ~ TCK ~ at www.eirinth.com