01/29/17 = Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover!

Marketing can be a very aggravating thing! I know my story and characters like I know myself since they are part of me. What I get frustrated about is the fact that I apparently seem to be an eclectic person that most people don’t understand at all. I keep having the situations happen that claim my Novel is too evil just because of the cover itself, yet too religious because of a couple parts in the first chapter. You CAN’T have it both ways, people! Before you decide, why don’t you READ the FREE Sample on the website, listen to the songs for FREE at that Link, especially “Perfect Dream” which is a LOVE SONG, and then ASK ME QUESTIONS! I’ll be honest and will even give a basic outline of any possible issues you are fearing are in this regular Epic Fantasy Novel that has the same style as those I’ve been reading for the past 30 YEARS. The new aspect is Anime styled characters and fighting abilities linked with the Faith aspect. That’s me…Anime-style with fighting-Faith! NO bad language, BUT fun jabs with family and friendship. NO descriptive sex or horror, BUT romance and even slight violence. NO religious dry platitudes, BUT honest individual heart-felt inspirational relationships even in the middle of fear or brash anger when belief is tested in the midst of the fire that happens when metal is forged! Action. Adventure. Families. Friendships. Elements. Energy. Tenshi (Angels) of Joukai. Demons of Naraku. Bengosha Fighters called by dreams. Kouken Fighters called by birth. Betrayal. Destiny. Breaking. Rebirth. This may not be your usual method of transport, but I think you might enjoy the translating between dimensions if you try it! ~ TCK ~