02/12/17= Elemental Fighting Against Demons

One of the things I want to make obvious to most possible readers is that Bengosha have Energy fighting gifts given through prayer after they are called in dreams, but Kouken are born with an inherent gift that occurs when the Element chooses him or her by the Will of the Father of Lights through the Pact of Tenrai Daystar. Two different groups with two different types of gifts to fight against demons.

I wanted to focus on the Kouken this time. The elements of Fire, Wind, Wave (water), and Geo (earth on our planet) all serve the Father of Lights, the Almighty God of the Universe that is known as “Let There Be” in Eirinth. One page on this website about gifts also explains that in addition to a fighting symbiosis between wielder and element is a spiritual gift to the wielder associated with what image the element is visually. These spiritual gifts are based upon those from 1 Corinthians 12 yet have been made to fall in line with the medieval and otherworldly aspects of Eirinth.

There are some Christians that believe ALL fiction is wrong, as stated in a previous post of mine. I find that to be an outrageous claim since Jesus told parables (stories) to get across spiritual truth in His time. Though Eirinth is not Earth, there are still MANY aspects that people here deal with every single day that those in Eirinth face that are also relevant and can bring Light in our world from theirs.

Before you judge this book, why don’t you actually read beyond the first two chapters! World-building is NOT easy, and Fantasy is NOT quick either when it comes to setting up the place and characters. After reading so many Fantasy novels and seeing so many Anime series, I think BREAKING is right in line and pace with those I love. I’m NOT perfect in my writing, but I try to tell the story to the best of my ability without leaving out the complicated weaving of this world, their history, these characters, or the plot that is ongoing. This is BOOK 1 of a series, not a standalone Novel.

My point? I’m asking readers to be brave. I’m asking readers to be patient. I’m asking readers to be imaginative. I’m asking readers to be more than you may think you are capable of right now. Take this book as a CHALLENGE! Fall into Eirinth and find something that may be missing here on Earth…for now. Get some of that sweet tea, find that comfy spot, and traverse dimensions with me! ~ TCK ~