9000 yrs ago – Archan rebels against the Father of Lights in Joukai, taking many fallen Tenshi with him when he’s cast to the dark realm of Naraku

8000 yrs ago – Aidan and Edana are created and placed in the Yasuragi Forest where they are tempted by Belial and fall from grace; the tree of promise is destroyed by demons

7000 yrs ago – Meris (Of the Sea) and his family are rescued by phoenixes and taken to the Kiwadoi Mountains when volcanoes under the sea erupt, causing a huge tidal wave to cover all of the land, killing all other mortals; this makes the demons cease in their attacks as Meris continues to serve the Father if Lights and share faith with all of his descendants

6000 yrs ago – Dalit (Draw Water) rescues his people, the élu, out of the servitude they’d fallen into hundreds of years before to some descendants of Meris that had branched out to form other nations, and once Dalit delivers the élu, he leads them to new lands

5000 yrs ago – King Cais (Rejoicer) becomes the first king of the kingdom of Lumen (Light)

4000 yrs ago – Tenrai Daystar, the soul of the Father of Lights, is born as a mortal, comes to the village of Ranimer (Revive) in Lumen, and gives His life for Pepin when the demons attack a village and try to claim the people there. Tenrai comes back to life by the power of the True Element and gives spiritual gifts to His followers, those that are called to become Bengosha and those that are born to be Kouken

3000 yrs ago – Last original follower of Tenrai named Pepin (Determined) dies when another kingdom takes over and tries to kill all believers

2000 yrs ago – Writings of the followers of the Father of Lights, Tenrai Daystar, and the True Element are all put into “The Book of Truth”

1500 yrs ago – Revisions made to “The Book of Truth” causes divisions among followers, causing various groups to begin teaching different history

1000 yrs ago – Temples begin omitting the teachings of Tenrai’s sacrifice and gifts, focusing on “all ways to eternity”, making temples into the places of worship for any belief or being instead of for the one true Creator, the Father of Lights

500 yrs ago – Demon attacks begin to increase as faith in Tenrai wanes, and those called to fight the demons become weaker when the prayers of the people fade as many are killed

250 yrs ago – The Kouken Council no longer allows paired mates to serve the same Bengosha and only one Kouken is allowed to pledge to each Bengosha to fight, decreasing the amount of fighters who can pledge to Kouken

70 yrs ago – The demon battle that takes over 200 lives of Bengosha and Kouken sends the Kouken into exile, abandoning Bengosha, who die out a few years later, not remembered by the next generation