Elements’ Forms and Gifts for Kouken

Each Element chooses its Wielder. Based upon the personality of the Kouken, the element then chooses a fighting form that has a defined spiritual gift for a wielder to use with the element itself. Each Wielder’s element is made of individual energy molecules that create a unique entity with individual characteristics. The form’s appearance colors are from a Wielder’s eye and/or hair shades. Forms and gifts are:

Fire Dragon = Gift of Wisdom for tactical insight
Fire Phoenix = Gift of Knowledge for survival instincts
Wind Wolf = Gift of Faith for increased strength
Wind Fox = Gift of Discernment for revealing intentions
Wave Lion = Gift of Foresight for dreams and visions
Wave Tiger = Gift of Revelation for truth of realities
Geo Stallion = Gift of Communication for nature bonding

Geo Stag = Gift of Healing for restorative power