*** The evil dimensional realm of Naraku is the forsaken place of demons and known on Earth by many as Hell. These demons that attack the people of Eirinth are more physical than in other realms and with dimension powers and abilities. Those in the three demon attacks in this Novel fight the Bengosha and Kouken, killing many unprotected mortals as the story progresses. Below are the main visual representations by the Commissioned Character Designer Graphic Artist Sara Sweitzer (t0shirt) using Author Tonja Condray Klein’s character stats while still allowing for these terrifyingly evil creations.

BlackScaleShadowDemon4site100dpiT~ Black Scale Shadow fighter demons = low-level demons and without a name; red eyes and ram horns; acid-blasts for their weapon to burn mortal tissue if not protected. 1ST ATTACK!

GunmetalGrayScaleDemon100dpi061716~ Gunmetal Gray Scale fighter demons = mid-level demons also without a name; red eyes and ram horns; corrosive volcanic-acid that burns and completely dissolve mortal tissue if not protected. Mentioned in Book 1 but not in any attacks. They seek to kill as many as possible to become Ikusakki War Demons.

~ Red Fire Scale Ikusakki (War Demons) = high-level demons with names; different color eyes and horns depicting levels of power; different types of shadow, acid, fire, heat, and demonic weapons; directly under demon lords; added ability to control weakened minds in battle like in Kitai almost seventy years ago. 


BuerIkusakkiDemon4site100dpiTBuer – teacher of logic and philosophy; yellow eyes and yak horns broken off with very jagged edges; shadow lash weapon that rends mortal tissue to the bone if not protected.   2ND ATTACK!


BrothersDestructionIkusakkiDemo4site100dpiAbaddon & Apollyon – twin demons of destruction; orange eyes and full yak horns; scorching blasts to weaken mortals and their tissue until it bursts into flames if not protected. 2ND ATTACK!

5demons4site100dpiT~ Gunmetal Gray Scale demons changing to Red Fire Ikusakki War Demons. 5 demons with red eyes, different horns showing their transition, but the weapon of corrosive acid blasts. They have an ability to link their energies to seem stronger.  3RD ATTACK!

~ Shuoni demon lords are mentioned but not described or seen yet in Eirinth. Set up for books to come! = NOT PICTURED.

~ Belial (without worth) – Oujakattou (king of conflict) arch demon who is deceptively beautiful; once Archan was the High Angel of Worship before rebelling out of jealousy with hatred for mortals in all realms.  NOT SEEN BUT MENTIONED OFTEN. = NOT PICTURED.