The Meaning Of My Goodreads 5-Star Book Reviews 09/27/17

I wanted to do a blog post concerning my recent 5-Star ratings on Goodreads for  several dozens of the books I’ve read. I only have 3 complete word reviews with the stars done but will complete the others too. ALL of these books I’ve reviewed at Goodreads and Amazon have 5 stars because I have my own ranking system. Others may think I’m being ‘dumb’ with my judgments, but I base it on if I truly enjoy a novel’s storyline, love the characters, and am emotionally involved to a point I’d read that book again. There may be things I don’t like about a book, but if it evokes a positive or intellectual reaction, has proper grammar, and contains some pithy dialogue then I believe it’s worth a higher 5 star rating considering how awful some novels are in those areas presently.

I plan to search again through my purchases to make sure I put up what I think are the best to read for those who want imagination-engaging backgrounds, cool intricate characters, dialogue that transports you, and a woven tapestry of action, romance, and faith in others that transcends our lives to help us to become better people. There are only a couple of books I’ve read that I refuse to rank at all since they didn’t even deserve a negative review. I read several genres but specifically secular Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Historical Romance, and Supernatural Romance as well as Christian Fantasy, Romance, Sci-Fi, and Suspense Romance. Regardless of genre, I don’t like excessive “bad” language or lack of character development.

I don’t have a literature or writing degree, but I’ve been reading for over 30 years and know what I like or love and why. If you don’t agree with my assessments of the books, that’s okay. Since I’ve also done proofreading for a couple businesses, it’s wonderful to read books that have few typos or grammatical errors, so that’s another aspect I look for in my suggestions. The books I choose are mostly due to how they make me feel, think, question, or learn. No book is perfect though. I’ve found a few typos and wrong words in many, and even my novel in editing after other proofer-readers. No person is perfect either. If a story captures your heart and imagination then a few mistakes won’t make a difference just like the flaws each person has doesn’t stop another person from loving him or her.

It’s a matter of perception, mentality, and psychological preferences, so not every reader will like my reviews or the books I love.  For those of you who are more like me, though, you’ll love many. Check out my Goodreads 5-stars and enjoy!