The Meaning Of My Goodreads 5-Star Book Reviews 09/27/17

I wanted to do a blog post concerning my recent 5-Star ratings on Goodreads for  several dozens of the books I’ve read. I only have 3 complete word reviews with the stars done but will complete the others too. ALL of these books I’ve reviewed at Goodreads and Amazon have 5 stars because I have my own ranking system. Others may think I’m being ‘dumb’ with my judgments, but I base it on if I truly enjoy a novel’s storyline, love the characters, and am emotionally involved to a point I’d read that book again. There may be things I don’t like about a book, but if it evokes a positive or intellectual reaction, has proper grammar, and contains some pithy dialogue then I believe it’s worth a higher 5 star rating considering how awful some novels are in those areas presently.

I plan to search again through my purchases to make sure I put up what I think are the best to read for those who want imagination-engaging backgrounds, cool intricate characters, dialogue that transports you, and a woven tapestry of action, romance, and faith in others that transcends our lives to help us to become better people. There are only a couple of books I’ve read that I refuse to rank at all since they didn’t even deserve a negative review. I read several genres but specifically secular Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Historical Romance, and Supernatural Romance as well as Christian Fantasy, Romance, Sci-Fi, and Suspense Romance. Regardless of genre, I don’t like excessive “bad” language or lack of character development.

I don’t have a literature or writing degree, but I’ve been reading for over 30 years and know what I like or love and why. If you don’t agree with my assessments of the books, that’s okay. Since I’ve also done proofreading for a couple businesses, it’s wonderful to read books that have few typos or grammatical errors, so that’s another aspect I look for in my suggestions. The books I choose are mostly due to how they make me feel, think, question, or learn. No book is perfect though. I’ve found a few typos and wrong words in many, and even my novel in editing after other proofer-readers. No person is perfect either. If a story captures your heart and imagination then a few mistakes won’t make a difference just like the flaws each person has doesn’t stop another person from loving him or her.

It’s a matter of perception, mentality, and psychological preferences, so not every reader will like my reviews or the books I love.  For those of you who are more like me, though, you’ll love many. Check out my Goodreads 5-stars and enjoy!

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY from Tonja Condray Klein & Eirinth!

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY TO ALL FATHERS! My father would have been 104-years-old this year if he’d lived. I hope everyone who has a living father will celebrate with him if at all possible. We’re going to spend the day with Ken’s Dad and are thankful we still have him since he turned 90-years-old last year. YAY!!!

As for Eirinth, I posted the possible cover for Book 2 on a Linked-In article then on Facebook. I’d really appreciate input. I’m working on the story itself and hope to have TREADING THE PATH done ASAP. I’m asking people to check out Book 1 as I continue with this story that has 7 books named and in process.

The main storyline has been laid out through Book 4 now, but as I do continue to write it, make notes, and integrate several sub-plots within the current plot-line, I know this will become a series that those who love Fantasy with the visual touch of Anime will love this story and want more and more as it develops.

Thanks to all who have supported, inspired, and even challenged me to make Eirinth become the best if can ever be. This multi-media project is not one or even a series of books alone; it is a portal into another dimensional world that can change our world here on Earth if we have the real courage to let it.

This is NOT a “religious” book, but it has inspirational Faith. The characters are supposed to encourage the younger generations to NOT give up but go for their dreams that can change their lives and those around them for the better if they will only choose to believe in more than themselves for strength to do it.

READ the book sample on LISTEN to the songs on CD-Baby under Tonja Klein. Then buy the E-Book or Paperback to finish the first part of your journey into a world like ours but filled with fighters using gifts of pure energy or linked-elements from the Creator to fight evil demons to save mortals.

Isn’t there something that is worth fighting for in your world that you want to read about with others relating to your own trials and problems but finding a way to ignore things trying to keep them in shackles when they need to break free to save all those they can from enemies that want to kill them all?



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02/27/17 = TCK Table at Dayton Book Expo on 04/29/17!

I have already paid for an Author Table for the Dayton Book Expo on Saturday 04/29/17 between 11:00 am and 4:00 pm. This is my first time there, and I’m hoping to have a good turn-out to support my 288-page Paperback Novel BREAKING THE SHACKLES that will be available for sale at a discounted price. Payment with cash only, but there will be a digital extra for the first 21 buyers! Come one, come all, and enjoy discovering some new book worlds… ~ TCK ~

02/12/17= Elemental Fighting Against Demons

One of the things I want to make obvious to most possible readers is that Bengosha have Energy fighting gifts given through prayer after they are called in dreams, but Kouken are born with an inherent gift that occurs when the Element chooses him or her by the Will of the Father of Lights through the Pact of Tenrai Daystar. Two different groups with two different types of gifts to fight against demons.

I wanted to focus on the Kouken this time. The elements of Fire, Wind, Wave (water), and Geo (earth on our planet) all serve the Father of Lights, the Almighty God of the Universe that is known as “Let There Be” in Eirinth. One page on this website about gifts also explains that in addition to a fighting symbiosis between wielder and element is a spiritual gift to the wielder associated with what image the element is visually. These spiritual gifts are based upon those from 1 Corinthians 12 yet have been made to fall in line with the medieval and otherworldly aspects of Eirinth.

There are some Christians that believe ALL fiction is wrong, as stated in a previous post of mine. I find that to be an outrageous claim since Jesus told parables (stories) to get across spiritual truth in His time. Though Eirinth is not Earth, there are still MANY aspects that people here deal with every single day that those in Eirinth face that are also relevant and can bring Light in our world from theirs.

Before you judge this book, why don’t you actually read beyond the first two chapters! World-building is NOT easy, and Fantasy is NOT quick either when it comes to setting up the place and characters. After reading so many Fantasy novels and seeing so many Anime series, I think BREAKING is right in line and pace with those I love. I’m NOT perfect in my writing, but I try to tell the story to the best of my ability without leaving out the complicated weaving of this world, their history, these characters, or the plot that is ongoing. This is BOOK 1 of a series, not a standalone Novel.

My point? I’m asking readers to be brave. I’m asking readers to be patient. I’m asking readers to be imaginative. I’m asking readers to be more than you may think you are capable of right now. Take this book as a CHALLENGE! Fall into Eirinth and find something that may be missing here on Earth…for now. Get some of that sweet tea, find that comfy spot, and traverse dimensions with me! ~ TCK ~

02/07/17 = Carissa Is Waiting For You…

CHARACTER section reconfigured for easier navigation AND updated with more characters from Book 1! Other characters for Book 2 so far will also be added soon as a section. When doing the character descriptions for traditional publisher submissions, I was told to make the “Main” characters only be 5 or so at the most. As you can see, I have MORE. I still stand by my perception of how many can be seen as “Main” when it comes to the Fantasy Genre, especially when considering multi-media possibilities like video games! I’ve listened/read explanations of why as being because most people CAN’T process more characters efficiently. Really? Has anyone been to a Japanese Anime Convention? Come on! So many characters and MOST have no problem telling them apart. I understand that JUST reading can make it more difficult to follow tons of characters if you can’t see them. That’s the reason for me commissioning the artwork for the characters to help the readers that maybe can’t, but those that read FANTASY normally deal with the complexity of the background, story, characters, and even the fighting aspects. I question if traditional publishers can fathom the upcoming readers that are seeking more than just words. I want to give them stories they can SEE if at all possible. Look at the lovely Carissa in this post and tell me that she doesn’t look like the former queen in medieval times that you would dare to question Sir Lew being interested in her after seeing them both then allowing your imagination to paint the lovely picture of restoration for them. My artist Sara Sweitzer created the beautiful visual representation of King Avidan’s mother! Don’t you want to read about her? ~ TCK ~ 

02/05/17 = When Fantasy Helps With Reality…

One of the things I’ve learned in my almost 45 years in this world is that sometimes your mind needs to be relieved from the stress of life in order to get you through the mess of it. One of the main purposes of Fantasy or Science Fiction is to see situations in different settings that can translate into your reality in a contrasting way to help you see things more clearly in your own life. As a Christian, reading the Bible helps with spiritual problems and even worldly ones, but some think any fiction is evil. When it comes to some of the stories I’ve read over the years, I’d have to agree it can be, but only for those that have no redeeming value. That’s my main point – stories that have that redeeming value can be used for the positive effects for the readers! Although I choose to write this series with a background of my Christian faith behind it, I’ve also tried to not have it be demeaning or preachy. There are a few hard places in this story that some may see as one of those things, but I’d like to remind the readers that this story is in differing character POV’s (Points Of View). These are to show the mindset of a character in that scene. For the last 30 years of my life, I’ve read some of the best Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Romances that helped to shape my own writing. Whether 1, 2, or many POV’s like often used in Fantasy, for me the differing POV’s seem to give more depth to the story and character progressions. I’m hoping that some of you who have read either the website Sample of the Book, the E-Book, or the Paperback itself will now take the time to give a review for it on Amazon that is honest but not nasty or overly flattering either. I know that I’m not a perfect writer and may not even be liked by many. I also know that if you’re one of those I wrote this Novel for then you will not only like it, you will LOVE one or more character and the story that can lighten your load on Earth. THANK YOU & HAPPY READING! ~ TCK ~


01/29/17 = Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover!

Marketing can be a very aggravating thing! I know my story and characters like I know myself since they are part of me. What I get frustrated about is the fact that I apparently seem to be an eclectic person that most people don’t understand at all. I keep having the situations happen that claim my Novel is too evil just because of the cover itself, yet too religious because of a couple parts in the first chapter. You CAN’T have it both ways, people! Before you decide, why don’t you READ the FREE Sample on the website, listen to the songs for FREE at that Link, especially “Perfect Dream” which is a LOVE SONG, and then ASK ME QUESTIONS! I’ll be honest and will even give a basic outline of any possible issues you are fearing are in this regular Epic Fantasy Novel that has the same style as those I’ve been reading for the past 30 YEARS. The new aspect is Anime styled characters and fighting abilities linked with the Faith aspect. That’s me…Anime-style with fighting-Faith! NO bad language, BUT fun jabs with family and friendship. NO descriptive sex or horror, BUT romance and even slight violence. NO religious dry platitudes, BUT honest individual heart-felt inspirational relationships even in the middle of fear or brash anger when belief is tested in the midst of the fire that happens when metal is forged! Action. Adventure. Families. Friendships. Elements. Energy. Tenshi (Angels) of Joukai. Demons of Naraku. Bengosha Fighters called by dreams. Kouken Fighters called by birth. Betrayal. Destiny. Breaking. Rebirth. This may not be your usual method of transport, but I think you might enjoy the translating between dimensions if you try it! ~ TCK ~

01/26/17 = NEW TCK BLOG!

Hey Readers, Writers, Publishers, Producers, and Fantasy Fans!

This is my NEW Writer’s Blog as of 01/25/17! Check out my Novel BREAKING THE SHACKLES that is Book 1 of my Epic Fantasy series “Rebirth of Eirinth” and now available at as an E-Book or Paperback. This Novel has 289 pages with 124,395 words in the Prologue, 17 Chapters, Epilogue, Definition section, and Author Bio. The Cover has the 10 main Fighters for readers to get a true visual representation to “see” as they read.

The two Bengosha are teenage sisters in the middle of the two character lines and have God-given gifts of Light and Sound as shields and weapons. The two sets of 4 Kouken are in line with the Bengosha they are linked with to fight beside. Each Kouken wields a God-given symbiotic link to one of four elements of Fire, Wind, Wave, or Geo that show up as a visual animal the Kouken directs to fight against the evil demons that are trying to destroy this medieval world of Eirinth. Eirinth is a parallel dimension to Earth.

You can read the Prologue through Chapter 2 for FREE at the Book_1_Sample and listen to the three songs that have lyrics used in the Novel for FREE at link on the main page too. This is NOT a comic book or a Graphic novel, but it does have a picture of one character at the beginning of each section. They are in gray-scale for the Paperback but Color in the E-Book. You can go to the character sections at the website to SEE MANY MORE in Color! The Joukai page has pictures of the spiritual beings from that Heaven realm that help the mortals. The Naraku page is for the demons from that evil realm you meet in the battles of this book that Seimitsu, Shiri, and the Kouken fight.